I’m Kai Takahashi:

a designer,

As a designer,

What else?

Reimagining punctuation for the digital age.

  • Punctuation was designed to be chiseled in stone or written in ink. Punctumotion is a novel form of digital punctuation that is cross-typeface, cross-platform, and infinite in variation. Punctumotion takes the period—the simplest and most neutral typographic form—and animates it with motion and meaning.
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In-Store Shopping with Snapchat.

  • How might an app help in-store clothing shoppers? I designed an app for Gant, featuring a wardrobe, an order-ahead service, in-store scanning, and an easy way to get friends' opinions: Snaprate, a Snapchat feature allowing viewers to give a quick response when a sender needs one.
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Rating dishes with friends, not randos.

  • Lots of your friends post immaculate food Instas, but they never review on Yelp… Dishful is an app prototype that blends the foodie aspect of Instagram with the reviews and restaurant integration of Yelp, creating a fun food-sharing/-rating experience centered around dishes you actually ate. Trusted friend reviews help you find the great meals at holes in the wall and avoid bad entrees at established eateries.
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A fresh look for football's oldest rivalry.

  • The first Harvard-Yale football game was in 1875. 140 years later, I designed, sold and distributed almost 300 sweatshirts to fellow Yale students for The Game, navigating rushed event production and demand, copyright/licensing issues, a saturated market, and cold weather.
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Bringing the playground up to the pros.

  • How does a playground game become a professional sport? I explored league structure, gameplay, and scoring for the National 4-Square League while developing a dynamic identity based on squares and lines, the essential elements of the court.
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Harmonizing classical music & kettle corn.

  • What do classical music and kettle corn have in common? I designed a typeface and a program that bridged the gap between them for Kettle Corn New Music, a concert series with top contemporary classical musicians and composers in a relaxed environment (with kettle corn!).
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